At Floor Productions, we have 12 silkscreen presses and highly-skilled staff to oversee all print operations. Paper, Plexiglas, melamine, and metal all routinely pass through our print shop, finished with beautiful, custom graphics work that’s durable and lasting. We can print on an almost unlimited variety of up to 1”-thick substrates with both conventional and ultraviolet inks. We use fully automatic Silkscreen Cylinder Presses, and have the ability to “PAD” print, and even print scratch-and-sniff scents!

Silkscreening allows us to print on a wide array of materials, from foamcore to fabric to styrene, and even directly onto flooring materials. This process is ideal for printing directly to unusual materials, for all manner of outside-the-box projects, and is also a viable solution for situations that call for shorter runs.

Silk Screen